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Collection: How To Make Tea

Follow the simple directions on the process of tea making from start to finish for the different types of tea we offer. Enjoy!

Black Tea
The name black tea comes from the oxidized tea leaves that are left to dry for a certain amount of time.  It's called Red Tea by the Chinese referring to the copper color the dried tea has. This is the most common tea used for its strong flavors and longer shelf life.  

-1 tsp / 8 oz | 203° F | 3-5 min-

Green Tea
Green tea is mainly produced in China and Japan, and is known to be the preferred beverage. The leaves are dehydrated to prevent oxidation which increases the tannins in the beverage.

-1 tsp / 8oz | 200° F | 3-4 mins-

Herbal Tea
This is the infusion of tea mixed with a variety of other plants and leaves to produce a refreshing drink with a lot of different flavors and aromas. Some herbal teas do not contain any type of tea, only certain herbs and plants and are called tisanes.

-1 tsp / 8oz | 200° F | 7-10 mins-

Matcha Tea
The green tea plants used for matcha are shade grown for 3 to 4 weeks before harvest. The stems and veins are removed during processing and the leaves are finely grounded into a powder which is matcha.

-1/2 tsp / 2 oz | 180° F | whisk 30 secs- 

Oolong Tea
Known as Wulong, this tea undergoes partial oxidation before being twisted or rolled.  There are two main types of Oolong tea that are oxidized for a different amount of time to achieve different flavor notes.

-1 tsp / 8oz | 195° F | 4-5 min-

Pu-Erh Tea
This is a specialty aged tea that goes through a fermentation process after it has been dried and rolled causing the tea to darken and change in flavor.  They are made with either black or green tea.

-1 tsp / 8oz | 203° F | 3-4 mins-

Rooibus Tea
This is an herbal tea from the Rooibus plant that is native to South Africa. When dried it can be brewed into a reddish brown herbal infusion. Many people enjoy this tea as an alternative to the more popular black or green tea. It has a sweet, delicate and earthy flavor and contains several antioxidants and is caffeine free.

-1 tsp / 8oz | 208° F | 5-6 mins-

White Tea
This type of tea undergoes the least handling of the teas. The leaves are dried naturally to help eliminate moisture and is more delicate in flavor and contains much less caffeine.

-1 tsp / 8oz | 200° F- | 7-10 mins- 

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